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Hello Candy Keane,

 I started a little greeting card company on, but only sold one card since I opened in early December 2012.  Where I foresee my business is not selling one card every 2 months.  Eventually, Id like to sell t-shirts and am in the process of getting my first shirt design printed.  I plan to print 30 shirts of this design, 5 in each size from small to 3XL, then post it on my etsy shop. Someone gave me the idea to just post my shirt idea on etsy before even getting the shirts printed and give a variety of colors (the original idea is to have the 30 shirts printed on a white or gray t-shirt because the picture for the shirt itself would be too dark to be on a darker shirt) Id like to have some on hand, rather than just to post something I dont even have a physical product of yet.  Any ideas? Thoughts?  It would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Connie,
I actually just had some shirts printed myself. I went to a local shop after trying a few online places and not liking the feel of the shirt. I recommend finding a local place so you can do the same. You don't want 30 of a shirt you don't want to wear.

Usually the minimum is not too much, so you might want to start smaller with 3 of each size. I always feel it is better to have product in hand and deliver it quickly than have people pre-order. People are much more likely to buy it if they know they will get it right away.

If you just post a photo and then only have a couple people order and they have to wait month before you meet the minimum, then you have unhappy customers. You also want to have a picture of the actual product and be able to describe it accurately. People will want to know if it is soft, see-through, thick, long, runs shirt, etc. And you can't answer those questions without having the actual product on hand.

Hope that helps!

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