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I am a Sci-Fi illustrator and was inspired by the works of the late John Berkey, is it illegal to apply or use his technique and style in my own work or is it ethical to do so? I plan to sell my work at some future date and need to know if that is some kind of copyright infringement. Can you kind of continue an idea line or take it to another phase or level like those artists who do Cubism and such?
Thanks in advance

Dear Bill,

While I'm not a lawyer and my advice is not legal advice. Family members or companies artists have worked with may now own all the copyrights so unless you have permission from the current copyright owner it is best just to err on the side of caution.

Some groups might just issue a cease and desist order meaning you have to stop or else. Others might sue you and having the resources behind them it could cost you much more than you made on your efforts, not to mention your reputation and time.

I would take inspiration from his work but make all new work completely my own.

Good luck with your venture,

Shasta McLaughlin
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