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with paypal.. we have cooking school if a person walks in off the street we want them to go to our website and pay thru the website at our school. if 5 people do this a day it is the same ip address
will paypal not allow this?

Hi Marv,
When I first opened my boutique, I also had people pay through paypal when they came in the shop. I never had any problem with it being on the same IP address, but also there weren't a high number of transactions in a short amount of time. Several attemps from the same IP address does set off one of the fraud filters on paypal if they are close together.

You can actuallly go into your paypal account and turn off that portion of fraud protection if it is iterfering.

There is also the option of using the new Paypal app, with the device that plugs into your phone or iPad and take payments on Paypal that way.

From Paypal:
IP Address Velocity Filter

This filter screens for multiple payments that originate from the same IP address by checking for repeated transaction attempts from the same computer or network. A high number of orders from a single IP address may be associated with a fraudster making repeated purchases on your website. A fraudster may repeatedly attempt transactions through an automated script that tests unknown card numbers or may attempt to make many small purchases through multiple stolen cards to bypass other filters.


Hope that info helps!

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