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Katherine wrote at 2013-01-08 08:12:09
1.  "STAINED GLASS MIRROR ART":   Place 4x4 cardboard on floor, covered with a taped-down waterproof drop-cloth.  Place or tape clear plastic sturdy overlay on top of an unbreakable mirror designed for infants.  Place mirror on the covered cardboard, then set infant on floor in front of mirror on very low easel or floor. Infant should be with diaper only, in warm room.  Using non-toxic transparent gel paint, (how about cake decorating gel?) make a puddle in front of infant near the mirror, and allow/help infant to wipe hands in and feel paint.  Then encourage the infant to place hands on the plastic over the mirror, hopefully creating handprint stained "glass" artwork. This works because they want to see who that is in the mirror, and they need to touch everything, usually. Requires two adults per child....Lots of parent volunteers required.

2.  "MAGNETIC WHITEBOARD ART":  Glue thin magnet sheets to age-appropriate puzzle pieces, blocks, laminated photos, or shapes that child then sticks on the whiteboard or just slides them around.  Display whiteboard on wall as art.  See if child can create a simple face with all of the ingredients.

3.  "OBJECT PAINTING":  In a small shoebox, place a stiff piece of white posterboard cut to fit the inside bottom.  Have child help daub paint sparingly onto posterboard.  Have child place teething ring or something age-appropriate inside the box, you close the lid, and both can shake it together.  The result depends on the object and the situation.  

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