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I'm really in need of a hobby. I used to be into making stuff out of clay & I'm also really good at painting nails its my talent but I cant do that everyday to my own nails...& ppl in my family don't want there nails done ._. Some other things I like is painting & music but I'm not allowed to paint & I cant sing........So, basically, I looking for something really cheap (or no money at all) to do that you think I might like. I don't like sports, cooking, playing instruments, singing, making jewelry, reading, & I cant dance :( Please help me.... I'm extremely bored. Thanks!

Teddy     With cost the major problem with most hobbies, constructing things with paper is inexpensive but not free. you must have access to a color printer. the paper must be card stock that may be obtained at most office supply and occasionally at big lots. White glue is all I use and is obtained at the dollar stores. I have listed some websites that all downloads are free.
select the PDF type. Patience must used for some of these projects are not easy. use clothes pins to hold the paper while the glue dries. the web sites are written for people like yourself, and can be very entertaining. Try these sites and have fun.


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