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Hello there!
I am throwing a face painting party...but I have no idea where to even start to look for a great kids face paint.  
Is there any way that you can direct me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hi, Briana.

You can make your own facepaint if you like, or you can buy it. I believe Michaels has facepaint, but making your own is so easy!! Here are the steps:

Homemade Face Paint Ingredients

For a small amount (1-2 colors):

  teaspoon of cornstarch

  teaspoon thick/heavy facial lotion

  teaspoon of water

 1-2 drops of food coloring

For a large amount, double each ingredient except food coloring, and separate into small bowls or ramekins before adding food coloring.

Supplies for Making Face Paint

 Small to medium mixing bowl

 Small whisk or mixing spoon

 Measuring spoons

 Small bowls or ramekins (for multiple colors)

 Q-tips/safety swabs or soft-bristled, fine paintbrushes

 Old newspaper or wax paper for easy cleanup

 Optional: small-scaled stencils or images to use for face painting designs

DIY Face Paint Directions

 1. Lay out newspaper or wax paper to protect work area from food coloring stains.

 2. Use a small bowl to mix cornstarch, thick facial lotion, and water with a small whisk or spoon. To make a heavier paint, add an extra pinch or two of cornstarch. Depending on the thickness of the lotion used, more cornstarch or water may be added to reach desired consistency.

 3. Once the desired consistency is reached, separate into small bowls or ramekins to make two or more colors.

 4. Add one drop of food coloring and thoroughly mix until color is evenly blended throughout the paint mixture. For deeper color add another drop of food coloring. * Keep in mind, not only does food coloring stain clothes, but adding too much color will leave residual color on the skin.

 5. Use Q-tips/safety swabs or soft-bristled, fine paintbrushes to paint designs. If painting for Halloween or other costume, make sure to apply after putting on the costume and covering it with a paper towel to protect clothing while applying face paints.  

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