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Claire wrote at 2006-10-01 10:49:58
Just read your question sorry if I'm too late with this suggestion. Our Beaver Scouts (age 6 -8 years) are also doing some stuff on Scotland. We are going to make celtic necklaces using shrinkart for the designs and leather laces for the necklace. Hope this helps.  

Leslie wrote at 2014-07-11 11:02:15
Lots of possibilities:

Seed Bead Pin - needs 8 7mm brass safety pins, and glass seed-beads in blue (ideally sky blue but darker if need be) and white.  The pattern is pin 1 - wbbbbw, pin 2 bwbbbwb, pin 3 bbwbwbb, pin 4 bbbwbbb, pin 5 bbwbwbb, pin 6 bwbbbwb, pin 7 - wbbbbw.  Thread each pin in turn onto pin 8, so they hang down and the beads form a Saltire (the Scottish national flag).

Kilt Calendar - needs 1 strip of tartan wrapping paper about 2 inches deep, 1 'calendar tab', oddments of gift ribbon.  Pleat all but the last two inches of the strip of wrapping paper and stick in a circle with the flat side at the front.  Glue the calendar tab onto the front of the flat part, like a sporran.  Optionally, add a loop of gift ribbon at the back for hanging.

(BTW, here in Scotland, plaid has a very specific meaning, it is a tartan sash which can be worn as part of a kilt outfit.  It does not describe the general fabric, which is either tartan [if a recognised tartan] or check if not a recognised tartan.)

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