Hello Andy..

I have a couple of questions...
How long does it take to travel from the cruise port to the natural pool and other various off road areas.  We are thinking of renting a Jeep during our next cruise.
Is is better to shop for Jewelry and the like on Aruba or Curacao?

Hi Steve! Aruba is 19 miles long, 6 miles wide! You can get to many points of interest within a half hour ride. Going by jeep, you can see more in a shorter amount of time vs. going with a tour operator. There are a lot of untouched/natural areas on "The other side" of the island.
Jewelry purchases.. be aware just like in the States. There are some good ones..and bad. Look for quality, price, and most of all...warantees. Most of the larger stores offer few bargains, however, I have heard nothing but good reviews for Kayes in the downtown store. That is about a 10 minute walk from the cruise dock.
Have a great trip!!


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