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My Cat is 4, indoor, and quite small with short hair.  She regurgitates her food a few times a month it seems, and i have not noticed anyother symptoms.  I give her dry meow mix.  She always does this within 5-20 min after eating.  I do feel that she is always eating her food quite fast.  I leave a bowl of food for her at all times and she eats as she pleases.  I feel that she fears there will not be food when i am gone at work because she is always eating shortly after i get home.  I have also noticed that she will never eat the last bit in the bowl like she is always making sure she has some if i dont come back for a long period of time.
I need to know what things may be going on, should this alert me to taking her to the vet? I would prefer not to take her since she will not react well to that.

7 day transition chart
7 day transition chart  
It's very possible that what you are feeding her is causing this problem. We get questions from owners all of the time whose cats are eating grocery store junk food such as meow mix and they usually are
A: vomiting or regurgitating their food or
B: have stinky, sticky sloppy stool with frank (bright red) blood in it.

Once they switch their cats to a high quality food such as Science Diet, all of the above goes away. As long as the cat is on Science Diet, the problems stay away as well.

I am taking care of my daughter in laws cat who was eating the same type of cheap, low-nutrient food. I could barely stand to clean out his litter box. He was also randomly vomiting up food all over the place. he had little tiny scabs all over his body but no fleas.

After two weeks on Science Diet Sensitive Skin formula, he is 100% better and looks like a new cat. No more vomiting, no more smelly stool at all, and all the scabs are gone. His hair is growing back out and he looks wonderful. He is ten years old or older.

Imagine what it will do for your younger cat. Science Diet makes an indoor cat formula just for cats like yours.

While it might cost you a few cents more, since they usually eat less food over all due to the highly digestible nutrients in this food, it will actually last longer.

You need to switch her over slowly, over a seven day period. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hill's guarantees their food with a 100% money back iron-clad promise of a refund, but it is rarely ever needed once you see how great your cat does on it.

Science Diet had over 50 yrs of veterinary research and feeding trials behind its food- something no other food on the market has.

The little trick she does about eating when you get home is more of a social thing than a hoarding thing. Her eating too fast, combined with the irritating ingredients in these cheaper foods, help to contribute to her regurgitating her food later.

As far as her going to the vet, I hope that she has been there before and is spayed and vaccinated!!

Try the Science Diet for three weeks. Then let me know how she does on it. You will be amazed at the difference in her.
I have enclosed a 7 day transition chart for you.

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