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I have a 9 year old female Cavalier.  She was fixed many years ago.  According to the vet we have been seeing for all of her nine years, she has allergies.  The test came out grass and trees.  We do not have grass in our yard we have turf. We ina condo and the only trees are outside our yard.  She is not an outdoor dog, loves to be inside.  We gave her allergy shots for 2 plus years and nothing changed.  I have tried her on many,many different foods that did not help.  We had her anal glands removed thinking the scooting was caused by the glands.  I now have her on grain free food to no avail.  She scoots on the carpet the point of making her pee-pee raw.  I put aloe on her to take the sting away and that helps but only when she is raw.  Her skin i beautifull no problem there just with the really bad scooting.  She will even scoot on the cement in the patio and garage.  She just looks miserable when this happens and is tormenting my husband and myself.  We love her so much.
If this is caused by allergies which are very bad right now, is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable.  Have tried Benadryl, just puts her to sleep.

Thank you for your time.

If she is an allergic dog she may have a secondary bacterial or yeast infection making her rear end itchy causing the scooting.  If she did not do well on hyposensitization shots, she may need either low dose cortisone therapy or Atpoica (cyclosporine) therapy to make her more comfortable.  Ask your vet about these.

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