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hello - I have 2 samoyeds aged 12 yrs, first the female developed sebaceous adentis and now the male has as well. is it possible their food is the underlying problem? it seems bizarre that BOTH would get this so suddenly.  I am treating with mineral oil but would like to get to the cause.

The breeder where I got them says she has never encountered this with any of her dogs.  She is highly ethical and only has one litter a year, so I believe her.  Please help! thank you.

Has this been diagnosed by biopsy?  Sebaceous adenitis is very rare in Samoyeds.  It has nothing to do with food at all.  This is one of these diseases that is not easily treatable with medication, but it resolves on its own in time.  Seborrheic shampoos, Vitamin A and topical oils may offer some help.

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