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Ask the Veterinarian/my 11.5 yr old labrador has stopped listening all of a sudden and has developed warts at places on his body


hi, i have 11.5 yrs black labrador named prince. We all love him a lot. he has been one of the most obidient and caring dog i have ever seen. I stay away from home in a different city for my work. He satys with my grandmother , my dad and a few servants. Lately when i went back home, i observed that he has stopped listening to our commands and does not even respond to his name.its is very emotionally upsetting for me. I brought him up as my son and now when he is unable to hear it depresses me to the core. He has also developed warts at few places on is body. Also on the joints the skin has swollen, become lumpy and he keeps licking which has led to open swore. I can send u pictures of the same. Plz guide.

YOu should first have the ears checked to make sure that there is no obstruction in the ear canal from wax accumulation.  It sounds like your dog may have a lick granuloma, which requires "debulking" surgically, then Prozac to prevent the obsessive compulsive behavior of licking the joint all the time.  

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