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Dr Bob wrote at 2013-01-27 17:36:40
"Lenticular sclerosis is a normal age-related change in the canine eye," explains Jeff Wayman, DVM, of Belton, Missouri is how one vet put this condition. In a young dog, I would say it most definitely is a nutritionally induced problem. The long answer above is very good, but also very generic. The person that wrote in asked about a very specific health problem that requires treatment. I am a holistic medical doctor, not a vet, but I am a dog lover.

It's amazing how veterinary #like human# health professionals have such big blind spots resulting from inadequate understanding of nutrition, and lack of open mindedness to tools outside of their own #small# toolboxes. This quoted vet thinks nuclear sclerosis is a "normal" age related finding that should just be left alone. No doubt this is because of his inadequate education, and arrogant clinical closed-mindedness. The vet in the question above said it's no big deal? Really? A finding normally occurring in older dogs happening in a 2 year old isn't important? The dog may be suffering from accelerated aging, but let's just ignore it, shall we?

Let me give readers a recent case in point regarding the use of vitamin C. These 2 vets and most others would say dogs don't need supplementation because their bodies can make it on their own. Really? Don't they realize that aging and other physiological stressors can increase the need for vitamin C beyond the dog's abilities to synthesize it, and/or that aging may reduce the amount produced? For example, I noticed clouding of the lenses of my 12 year old Cockapoo's (Sneakers) eyes last year, and my Vet made the diagnosis of nuclear sclerosis. The clouding was very obvious and affected both eyes, tho his vision was not impaired that we could tell. Of course the vet recommended no attention be given to the situation. I ignored her advice, and over the last 30 days I have been supplementing my dog with approximately 250mg of ascorbic acid powder twice a day. Both eyes are now completely clear. Since nuclear sclerosis is an age related finding related to connective tissue hardening, it appears vitamin C can not only slow, but can even reverse at least some of the underlying changes associated with aging. I would assume if it was so effective with the eyes, continuing the supplementation should help with other less visible processes of aging. The docs will ignore this and cry out "spontaneous remission" or "anecdotal evidence". Caring pet owners will give it a try. Certainly in this case where a young dog is affected, such an intervention has the potential to provide innumerable benefits to the health and longevity of the affected dog.  

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