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Our cat has fleas I have been reading how to get rid of them and read somewhere that the life cycle of a flea can not be completed off the blood of a human.  Is this true?  If it is, is it worth treating the cat and making sure she has none on her and sending her to live with my parents then treating the house and then let the rest die out.  Obviously this will only work if its true they can't complete the life cycle off human blood.

Thanks for your help

Fleas are species specific, so a cat flea cannot survive on human blood.  I recommend a topical treatment of Revolution or oral treatment with Capstar to get all of the adult fleas killed.  If she is removed from the environment and put into a flea free environment, then she will not get any new fleas.  Otherwise, you will need to spray your house with something to kill the adult fleas and to kill the larval forms of the fleas.

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