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I recently have been diagnosed with Scabies,I have a Dog,Cat,and Scarlet Macaw.I took my Parrot to the Avian vet. and they told me birds can not get scabies from humans and checked my bird for other mites and Mango tested negative,but treated her anyway just for precautionary measures.I took my dog Harry and cat Onyx to vet and they cat by some kind of miracle have shown no signs or reaction to the scabies but again they treated the cat as well.Now on the other hand My dog Harry was itching like crazy scratching biting his paws and constantly licking in between his paw pads.They treated him as well as the cat with "Revolution" and every 14 days re apply to the dog and cat.To explain about myself i was very frustrated new nothing of what scabies were and started listening to others abd believing everything I read online.No exaggeration I threw out every bit of my clothing my whole wardrobe my bed my furniture bedding and everything in my apartment.Im left with a new brand new leather couch a tv abd a little things here and there.I treated myself with the cream from head to toe woke threw everything out EVERYTHING and cleaned my entire house with the assumed spray and hot water and soap did the walls and everything.Its now going on the 2nd week and my body is infested again.I again now see my dog Harry sitting on the couch and itching again and at times Will be laying down and out of the blue jump up look at his but or start biting and licking his paws and legs and again the lucky cat is un effected period.Im tonight treating myself for the second time and sitting here with the cream on my body as i type this and Will wake to wash my empty apartment and the clothes that Ive bought recently.Please help what do I do.Im annoyed my vet says he dont know what else to do and Im at the end of my Wits and dont want to suffer myself nor my poor dog!ADVICE PLEASE Im scared and annoyed and this is consuming my life and important time.My name is Donald if you know of anything or some kind of advice or know what I should do please help.Thank you

Ask your vet to dip the dog in either Phosmet (Paramite) or Amitraz (Mitaban).  Those kill scabies mites better than Revolution.  Also, ask the vet to give a shot of ivermectin, which will also kill scabies mites.  These mites really do not live long off the skin, so we really do not consider an environmental clean up as important.  Your doctor can prescribe strong insecticidal washes or ointments to help you.

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