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My 10 month old pit bull seems to be having problems with his ears. My dog has had multiple issues already he had to have a FHO surgery and he's had all kinds of other health problems with his skin having a fungus my dog can never catch a break. We noticed about 2 months ago he would shake his head and scratch his ears we thought it was due to the fugus on his skin because he was scratching all over but as the infection cleared up we notice his ears didn't so we took him to a vet they said its an ear infection he was on meds that didn't work we took him for a 2nd opinion they said its allergies gave him more meds that didn't work and took him for a 3rd opinion where the doctor told us it is nothing. I need to know what I can do to help my dog I a, tired of wasting time and money on vets who don't know, my dog is in so much pain scratches his ears and shakes his head so much he bleeds what can I do

In young animals food allergies often cause ear infections. The vet needs to do an ear swab to determine if there is a bacteria or a yeast.  If there are no infectious organisms, then the dog may require steroids to calm the skin in the ear so it will not itch so bad.  Find a vet in your area that does a lot of ear work.  Ask if they have a video otoscope.  That is usually a sign that they do much more ear work that other vets.

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