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I recently got a new kitten in mid July of this year, I took her to be spayed in September when she was around 4-5 months old. However recently, she is constantly ravenous and has a very large pertruding belly. We feed her twice a day, and sometimes tit bits from our own meal but not often. Our older cat, who is 11-12, is slightly over weight, as the fat goes to the saggy parts of her belly. Her stomach is not wide, but the fat comes from around the bottom of her stomach. However our female kitten who isabout 7-8 months has a bigger belly, that goes outwards, like a pregnant cat would, a different type of 'fat' looking to my older spayed cat. She still used to eat around the same amount before we had her spayed, and all of a sudden she's seemed to get very big around the stomach. When we took our kitten to the vet, he said that his assistant would undergo the operation, however he looked very young and the place was packed out with cats. Could it have been possible he didn't under go the operation after all? Or put her under, went somewhere else and forgot to actually carry out the procedure, or deliberately not do it at all? I would love to hear back from you soon, thanks in advance,


Anything is possible.  I would have her checked and allow them to put a tiny needle in the belly to see if there is fluid buildup in there.  A disease called FIP can cause that type of belly enlargement in young kitties.  Roundworms can also have that effect.

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