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Last time I got 1 puppy name Luffy but he died because of Parvo virus. After that my friend gave me new puppy so I name him Snow. At first I didn't know that after puppy got Parvo virus our place/home will be the carrier of Parvo cause' Parvo can live for a long time. I really didn't know it. So last saturday Snow started not eating at all and his body so weak, vomitting yellow foam and saliva and he got blood diarrhea but only a small bit of blood and not everyday. So i made a desicion to brought him to vet. After been check he got positive Parvo virus. So doc at vet told me that u got 2 choices. Gave him treatment here or at home. I know i cannot treat him at home because I need to go to work. So I left him there for treament. After 2 days he still ok but the third day he's body started to get weak and he's not eating at all. The doc said this is his critical moment. They can only provide him treament to fight the virus. I can't do anything. All I can do is pray and always visit him morning and night. So the next day he seems better. He can stand up already and he started to eat and drink but he still need to be there until he is fully recover.

What I wanna ask is, is that the sign of recovery for Snow? And after he recover can he still been infected with Parvo virus again? Because I'm afaid that my house is still the carrier of Parvo. If yes then what should I do?

Thanks in advance!!!

With Parvovirus, these pups will go along doing poorly and then seem to snap out of it.  THat's because the immune system is mounting a response and the virus is being dealt with.  In parvovirus, the bone marrow doesn't work, so here are very few white blood cells to fight off infections.  Once the parvovirus is removed by the antibodies, the bone marrow turns back on, the white blood cells increase and the pup can fight infections. That can take 3-5 days. Sounds like he is recovering.

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