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QUESTION: Do you have any idea what type of infection my dog has? She was groomed and then shortly after I started to see these sores show up all over her body. I took her to a clinic and the vet told me she needs antibiotics and that she has an infection but they couldn't tell me what type of infection. :-((

ANSWER: This looks like a typical Staph infection to me from your photo.

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QUESTION: She just got over an ear infection too. Do you think that was Staph too? Where can she pick this up? Groomer? She is  dachshund and is so low to the ground. Can she pick this up from grass? She also has little brown sores around her rectum. My house is emaculate so I have no idea where this came from and she just stays home and isn't around other dogs. She doesn't itch the sores at all.

The vet perscribed Clavamox for 2 that long enough? Also, I have to bathe her in Pyoben 2x a week.

Staph in the skin and ears is usually secondary to some other type of skin problem.  She may have an allergy to something or she may be contacting something in the environment.  The Clavamox for 2-3 weeks and pyoben should help.  But that does not address the underlying problem, which is what your vet will need to figure out.

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