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Hi Dr Gotthelf,

5 days ago our 8 month old female weimaraner ate some chicken bones. We fed her some rice and white bread and kept an eye on her. She passed some blood in her solid stools the next morning. In the evening her her stools were soft but with no blood. She then vomited 3 times that evening, bringing up the royal canin dry food and sausage she had eaten a few hours earlier.

She's had diarrhoea since then. She hasn't vomited again.

She won't eat any dry food but will happily eat meat. She has mainly eaten a high meat concentrate (70%) canned dog food in the last few days. She is drinking water as usual.

She is her usual energetic self. Very playful and does not seem down/unhappy at all.

Any advice on would be gratefully received.

While passing the bones through her digestive tract, she most likely caused trauma to the lining of the intestine.  That is what results in the diarrhea.  So giving her bland food and an intestinal protectant (you will have to check with your vet about what they recommend) that may help.   I also recommend giving these foreign body ingestion dogs a drug called metronidazole, which kills off any bad bacteria overgrowth that may have followed the ingestion.  

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