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I have a 4 month old beagle chiuaua mix.Earlier i gave him a bath and as I was trying to dry him off he jump out of me arms and landed on his head.He yelled for couple of seconds and that was it.I kept an eye on him to see how he would react and he went back to his normal playful self within minutes so I assumed he was fine because he did not seem to be in pain. Im 5 feet even and he fell on the carpet but hard enough to her a thump so indont truy know if I should worry. I'm still checking on him through the night. His ears are like a beagles and he can still stick it up when he hears a noise like always But I did notice that one ear of his is a little limp.He lets me touch it so i assume its not hurting him. I can accutally push on the cartilage and fold it back to its natural state but it does not stay in that position. So I don't know if he's holding it tht way purposely or if  its because of the fall. I'm a bit worried that him jumping out of my arms may have cause damage to his ear. By him being able to still move and stick up the ear im not sure what to think.Can you give me some insight?

In a traumatic event, the cartilage of the ear canal can break.  Also the facial nerve that controls the muscles of the ear may be traumatized and may not be causing the muscles to contract, holding the ear up.  Nerve damage can return, but cartilage does not heal.  Give it some time to see if the ear will stand.

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