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I was given a 6 week old boxer mix puppy. Im not sure what the mix is. The lady said the pup had eaten about 45 min before I got him. There was a 45 min drive back to my house and the puppy was nervous, I noticed the stomach swollen some.About halfway home he threw up some, not a lot but it looked like dry dog food not fully digested.When we got back to my place he was still nervous and had two bowel movements within two hours. I did examine and there was no signs of any parasites or worms. After he began playing more and even barking a little at me, playfully. Then he went to sleep. Should I be worried or does this sound normal. I think maybe he over ate.

Puppies do get carsick.  They also get worms that you cannot see in their poop.  My recommendation is to have the puppy checked for worm eggs by your vet to make sure.  Then feed the puppy at a rate of 1 cup of dry food per 10 lbs. of body weight as a daily ration.  If you feed a 5 pound dog 1 cup of food, that is too much and he will have too many bowel movements.

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