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Hello, about two months ago, our border collie australian shepherd mix puppy died at six months to parvo.  We currently have two dogs, a three year old schnauzer and a two year old beagle lab mix.  We are still very saddened by the whole situation and miss her dearly. We eventually want to get a new puppy but we're not sure how long until we can get a new one.  We bleached the house and threw away all of her things.  We also got our other dogs booster shots.  We are not planning on getting one anytime soon, but we want to know at which point would it be safer to get another puppy.  
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You can get a new puppy now.  Just make sure that the puppy gets its vaccines on time.  We start puppies at 6 weeks and boost them at 9, 12 and 16 weeks.  If you know the breeder, make sure that the mother was vaccinated before she was bred.  That will give the puppy good immunity when it is born.

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