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Okay so I need another opion or advice for my dog since vet didn't help. My dog has fleas no big deal I bomb clean everything im supposed to do to get rid of them. Dog is on flwa and tick stuff but it seems like it doesn't work. I tried different ones also. The problem isn't fleas it what hes doing to himself hes nawing at himself consitily eating himself alive. He stopped when on stereoids thats it. Ill attach a photo.Vet keeps saying hes allgeric to flea bites. I doubt that. Just want him to stop biting himself consistly. Any advice?

flea pyramid
flea pyramid  

flea pyramid and life cycle
flea pyramid and life  
Well Chris,
your vet is correct. Your dog has the most common skin disorder to dogs and cats both, FAD, or Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

I am unsure why you doubt this but it's true. Your dog is very allergic to fleas. Dogs are like people in that not all of them develop flea allergies, just as not all of us are allergic to ragweed or pollens. I, for one, am not a seasonal allergy sufferer but two of my friends suffer terribly from them!

So yes, the problem IS fleas and your methods of getting rid of them will not help.

What you need is to break up the life cycle of these fleas. Your house is full of flea eggs, larvae and cocoons. The problem with fleas is that the ones you see on your pet are the tip of the iceberg.

The biggest problem is what you DON'T see, the eggs, the larvae in the rugs and cracks of the floors, or the cocoons. Nothing can penetrate the cocoons, so you need a two step approach to this.

First thing you need to do is get a spray called Ovitrol Plus from your vet or the pet store. This spray is an IGR, or Insect Growth Regulator.

What it does, is two fold: It kills the adult fleas on your dog, then it stops the eggs that those adults laid from hatching.

It will also disrupt the larvae if you spray the rugs so that they cannot spin a cocoon.

The second thing you need to do is get your dog on Sentinel or at least Program. This is a flea hormone that will sterilize all the adult fleas. When they do bite your dog, they will become sterile. The eggs they lay will be sterile and won't hatch. The feces that they drop all over is what the larvae in the rugs eat, so they become unable to again, spin that cocoon.

Then in two weeks the cocooned fleas will emerge and you will think that none of this worked, but you MUST remember that you have these cocooned adults. When they hatch, you knock them down with the spray again then you use the Sentinel (which is heartworm prevention AND the flea hormone combined) and then again you are sterilizing this new hatch. In about two month you will have NO fleas.

I know it sounds crazy and I didn't believe it worked when it came out, but I have been using Sentinel for over 16 years and guess what, I have ZERO fleas on my property. Even with deer, squirrels and possums all over, my pets have NO fleas. It's really an amazing product.

The Program is the flea hormone alone, but the Sentinel takes care of the heartworm prevention (VERY important) and the fleas at the same time with one chewable pill.

I highly recommend the Ovitrol Plus spray to get you started because it really works well and it an IGR as well.

I am enclosing a flea pyramid image so you can visually see what I am talking about with the fleas being the smallest issue.

Once the flea problem is under control your dogs misery will lessen as well. Just remember that when a dog is highly allergic like he is, that ONE flea bite can make him itch for 12 days or more!

So you should get some supportive therapy from your vet while you are killing off the fleas.
Once gone, Sentinel or Program will keep them gone as long as you keep using it! It's not a one time shot. It must be maintained.

Please let me know if this works for you. My clients have come in crying with tears of joy after following this. I even had a big lumberjack bring in a friend that was so happy with the results that they bought all the stuff we had!!

So give it a few weeks to a month but you will get results. The Sentinel and Program are only available from your vet. ALL over the counter flea medicines do NOT work. Period.

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