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my 12-13yr old maltese cross silky,had surgery to remove eardrum, on 03/09/13, infected by a grass seed, now has terrible skin type infection on wound from surgery, that just wont go away, she has been on three types of antibiotics, before surgery and after ,clavulox 250mg, enrofloxacin 150mg,now on rilexine 600mg,with extras like prednil 5mg as well, nothing seems to be working. She has been seen by 4 different vets at practise,one wants to cut ear off, what can I do!!?

If there is a bacterial infection, they need to do a bacterial culture and antibiotic susceptibility test to find out which antibiotic might kill of the infection. Antibiotics given by mouth rarely get high enough levels in the ear to do much.  Topical antibiotics work better because they provide a very high concentration of the antibiotic to the site of the infection.   I would also recommend that you use something called tris-EDTA topically on the surgical site, which helps the antibiotics work better.  If there is a middle ear infection, then she needs to be put under anesthesia and the middle ear cavity needs to be cleaned out and the bulla infused with an antibiotic.

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