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Hi. My 9 yr old miniature poodle, Chenille, has a small growth on her snout.  It was a little pink dot.. and now its grown to a small yet bulbous shaped growth. I am including a photo.  When I saw my vet, it was just the dot and he said not to even wory about it. But now that its grown I'm a bit concerned. I'm including a photo. Does this look like something that could be cancerous?

The only way to know if it is cancerous is to have it removed and sent to a pathologist for analysis.  Many small skin growths of older dogs are benign, but they can grow quite large.  In my practice, I have a CO2 laser and I can remove these with little trouble and very little scarring.  If it is on the face, it will bleed when it is removed and if your vet does not have a laser, they may need to cauterize it and put sutures in it.

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