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Sorry this is not a skin question, but I see you have answered some non-skin related questions, so if you could try to answer mine anyway I'd really appreciate it.

12 y/o 37 lb n/m border collie dog showing symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Last May presented with lameness and Vet diagnosed mild arthritis and cleared him for NSAIDs via CBC and prescribed Deramaxx for short term "see if it helps." It did, and then he was off meds with no symptoms. Now he is showing the symptoms again, and owners have some Rimadyl that was prescribed for this dog last year due to Lyme disease. Can they give him the Rimadyl?

Another question: If the answer to the first question was yes, if the Rimadyl will soon expire, will it still be okay to give it? Does Rimadyl become more dangerous after the expiration?

Dog is currently not on any meds besides a otc glucosamine chondroitin tablet po 1x daily, and 1 fish oil capsule po daily

Thank you!

Rimadyl should be fine as long as it is given at the proper dose.  Some dogs on Rimadyl require it twice a day rather than only once.  Drug expiration dates are for 100% potency, so most outdated drugs near the expiration date (a few months) are close to 100% effective.  Glucosamine and chondroitin will probably not do much, but the fish oils can really help osteoarthritis.

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