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QUESTION: I Rescued a baby abandoned mouse last night. I have been feeding every 2 hours with kitten formula, massaging after with a lukewarm qtip but she doesn't poop or pee and I am really worried.

She is day 2 here. I took her to the vet and all they really said was she was a premmie baby. It's almost been 24 house and she hasn't gone to the bathroom, but she is eating, what can I do?

ANSWER: I don't believe this is a premie baby mouse. It's just a baby mouse and that's what they look like!

She may be going potty when you stimulate her but in such small amounts that it's hard to see it. I haven't raised one by hand this small, but I used to breed them.

Just use your finger tip instead of the qtip and see if that helps. It's the warmth and wetness of the momma mouse tongue along with the pushing action that gets them going. Use your pinky finger, or wrap the qtip with the very end of a washrag that is lukewarm and try that.
You might have to use a little more pressure.

Just remember to stroke down and toward the tail, putting just a little pressure on the abdomen.
That should get her going. Another thing you could do is have the vet use a small blunt tip catheter and gently put it into her little rectum to see if some stool is getting through. Don't attempt to do this yourself at home! They have very safe little blunt tubes that they can use for this. Sometimes that's all they need to get them going, as the milk can constipate them.

If the milk is making her constipated you might have to get these little tiny homeopathic pills that they have for kids and dissolve one and give her a half a drop of some.

It's good that she is eating. Keep her warm and just keep massaging her. You might want to try it right after a meal then about another half hour after that.

Be prepared for the loss of this little critter- they don't always make it. Just know that you are doing the best that you can for her.

Please let me know how she does in a day or so.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: She has pooped and peed, she is still eating but is very squirmy so it makes it much harder to feed her. I m using a tiny thin paintbrush because I was afraid of her getting the milk in her lungs. She was making funny sounds but apparently it is puring? Because she doesn't make them all the time only when she is eating. I have had to do a lot of research, I've never had anything like this happen before.

She is very active, doesn't go to the bathroom after every meal though. She is managing to get the poop out by herself and I just have to massage her for peeing and after meals and the cleanup to make sure the poop doesn't get stuck.

I hope I am making sense I am really tired. LOL It's going to be another month probably before I get to sleep past 2 hours at a time. But I think she is doing well. I don't want to loose her. I am even trying to just stay up most of the night so I can have her on my chest near my heart under the blanket and with a hot water bottle, then I sleep from 10am-1pm and my boyfriend watches her for a little while until he goes to work. So I have some energy.

Mice grow amazingly fast. You will be sleeping more in less than a month.
I wouldn't sleep with her on your chest however, bad for you both.
Make her a little nest with tee shirts, nothing with strings like towels, but cloths like tee shirts that have no small threads to unravel, and put the hot water bottle under it.

It's good that she is squirmy. Means she is getting enough food and is growing. Whatever you are doing is working, so that is good!
Get her a nest made up however. A good thing to use (for now) is a margarine tub, cleaned out, with the tee shirt cut up to fit in it. Put that on a towel and then the hot water bottle near it or under it. A heating pad can be used on low but but you MUST make sure it's under a few towels so she doesn't over heat either.

It's just that they are so little and so easily dropped, I hate to hear that you fell asleep and laid on her- very easy to do!!

So make her a little nesty bed in a cage (if you have pets) and keep her safe and warm that way.

Let me know how she does. You can look up ways to nest her online- just do a search for "caring for baby mice" and it will give you some hints and tips.

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