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Kitty\'s Wound
Kitty's Wound  
A few weeks ago we noticed an opened abscess on our cat, Kitty (10 yrs old). We took her to the vet the day we noticed it and they gave her oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and a topical ointment that is antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-yeast. The vet also suggested we use hibiclense and a saline spray to clean the wound before putting the ointment on.
We have done everything the vet suggested. There is no pus draining from the open abscess any more and it looked like it was healing well. A week ago we noticed a blue ring around the wound that is the same area where the abscess was. When we went in for a follow-up the vet told up that the blue skin was dead and that it needed to be surgically removed. However the fur is growing back where her skin is blue.
If her fur is growing back is the skin really dead? And does it really need to be surgically closed up?
I have included a picture of the site.

Your photo is extrement blurry, but the blue skin is most likely where blood is not circulating.  Deoxygenated blood is dark in color.  If there is bruising, there may be a bluish color from the breakdown of the blood.  If the skin is dying, hair can still grow, but then the skin either gets liquified or petrified (hard and crusty).

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