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Katie is 18 months old. When I got her at age 8 weeks the right ear was deep red inside and out with what I thought was red yeast. I immediately began to wash and clean the ear, and it began to look much better.  The itching and scratching of that ear has continued and now appears to be chronic.  Each time I take her to the Vet little redness is noted, but has been treated.  I am now washing her ear twice weekly and then drying with a paper towel. She does have it may be related...I would her to be as free as possible from ear problems  .  Can you help?

If her ears started to be infected at 8 weeks, that is typical of a dog with food allergies.  Have you done a food elimination diet trial with her?  Ask your vet for ideas on how to do that. It may be that finding a diet that she is not sensitive to will help prevent future ear problems.  There is a product for the ears that I like for maintenance in yeasty ears called Malacetic Ultra Otic made by Dechra.  It is used twice a week.

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