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I have a 7 year old Cocker spaniel, Jack, that was diagnosed with skin mass cell cancer last year. It started in one of the rear paws as a tumor in between the paw. I had it removed in Feb 2012 and I ordered a biopsy: the result was positive for skin mass cell cancer. six monthe later the tumor started to grow again, in the same spot. At this time, I was told to take Jack to an oncologist for treatment, since there was another tumor begin his leg by his handstring. Jack when for chemoterapy and after 4 sessions the tumor was not shrinking at all.
I decided to stop the chemo and see other alternatives. I was told to used medicines such as Palladium or Kenavet but at this point I do not know what to do. His paw has a big (around 1 1/2 inch) tumor and I will like to know your opinion.

Thank you kindly.


If you are referring to a mast cell tumor, they sometimes respond to a combination of prednisone and vinBLAStine, usually after surgical removal.  When they are located on the feet, I incise them and remove as much tumor from them as I can, suture the skin wound up and then use the chemotherapy.

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