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I'm looking for some help for my cat. She was diagnosed with an ear infection about 4 weeks ago and was prescribed Canaural ear drops to be taken for two weeks. I managed to give her the drops for just over a week. I had to stop then as I found it so difficult to hold her still and administer the drops. Her ear looked better around day 3/4 but I kept the drops going until day 8 then stopped as pinning her down to put the drops in was really stressing her out (She's a nervous rescue cat!). Her ear was great for a couple weeks, but now she has started shaking her head again and sometimes they feel wet like there is some liquid coming out. Other than that she is fine - eating normally, purring away quite happily, but i'm hoping i'm not prescribed more drops for her as its very stressing to her getting them in her ear properly. She seems to sense when the drops are coming and runs off! Is there any other treatment for ear problems? I'm not sure if the infection is back as she has just been shaking her head a lot and has wet fur at the base of her ear, it doesn't smell and there's no yellow/brown crust. She's such a nervous cat Im hoping to get some answers before I have to stress her out any more with another vet visit. I'm willing to pay anything just to make her ear better again, just hoping it gets better on its own. Any suggestions of treatment I could ask my vet that doesn't include ear drops? Thankyou so much for your time.

When there is liquid coming out of a cat's ear it is usually from either a middle ear infection or a growth (like a tumor or a polyp) in the ear.  You should take the cat to a vet that has a video otoscope and have the ear canals properly examined.  Just putting in Canaural can cause problems.

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