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hello:) my name is simone and i have a 11 month old cat named lily. she mated twice 4 weeks ago with one male cat, the first time he mated with her she rolled all over the floor and then he mated again. i really would like to know if she could be pregnant because i love her so much and i want her to be a good mam, i already have some nice homes for them they are my relatives. thats if she is pregnant. since she mated she has not came back into her heat. her behaviour is quite normal but she has been sleeping alot and eating a bit more. i have looked at her nipples and they seem to be like a pale pink and a bit swollen and her 2 nipples by her back legs they have shown up more and they look quite swelled and every time she eats she has a bump on each side. i have felt her tummy and i cant feel much. i look at her everyday to see if she has increased in size but she only looks quite round after she has ate. she has been more loveable to me but mostly sleeping, she is always purring. she is a lovely cat i just want to know as soon as i can if she is pregnant. so i can take good care of her. she is sleeping now on my bed. is there a high chance she could be pregnant? and could you tell me everything how i will know if she is pregnant please. i think she is because she has not come back into heat since the mating.

Cats are very good at getting pregnant. There is no blood or urine test to detect pregnancy in the cat.  Because it can take 9-10 weeks for full gestation, she may be in the very early stages of pregnancy.  At this time, a vet can usually feel the uterus and see if there are small fetuses.  When she has gone 8 weeks from the mating, an X-ray will show little skeletons in the abdomen.  But by 8 weeks, she should be pretty large and you will know that she is pregnant.

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