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Hello, I have a labradoodle that developed 2 hard lumps one on  her upper chest and the other on her back about 5 inches up from her tail. I have shown them to our vet on several occassions and they have biopsied them and sent it out for pathology. The cysts tested negative and the diagnosis sebacious cyst was decided. The cyst on her chest is the same, the cyst on her back is problematic. Before I knew how to treat it and what to do, I think I may have irritated it by poking and probing it. The problem now is that it oozes with pressure applied around it, but not with the cheesey looking stuff, but with liquid and tinges of blood. Not a yellow pus like looking stuff but more of a clear oily looking blood tinged stuff. I have been applying warm/hot compresses and slight pressure around the swelling. The cyst gets much smaller, I then rinse it with H202, then apply a triple antibiotic cream.   Will it heal on its own?    Should I be doing something different?  Other wise she appears well although she can snub her food a little more often.  I have changed her diet to a hypoallergenic food because of her constant itching and it does help. Thank you for your help.

Sebaceous cysts need to be surgically removed.  The problem is that the cyst is actually a gland under the skin that is usually enlarged.  All around the ballooned gland are cells that secrete the sebum.  So draining them will just allow them to refill. Unless all of the secretory tissue is removed, they will be a continuous problem.

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