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My 12 year old toy poodle has a goose-honk cough that I noticed occasionally but for the past few days, it seems to be chronic... I have tried a humidifier but that didn't seem to help and she isn't active so she coughs for a few minutes even though she's just sitting down (exertion or exercise doesn't seem to be the cause) I'm assuming she she might have a collapsed trachea but I'm unable to take her to the vet for another week. Any recommendations for home treatment?? Is there a cough syrup that is okay for dogs?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There are no over the counter cough medicines that are recommended for dogs.  Dextromethorphan in human cough medicines does not lest long in dogs and the cough medicines in the stores are usually a mixture of many different drugs, some of which may be at toxic levels to a small dog.  We normally recommend either a hydrocodone or butorphanol cough medicine.

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