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I have a dog that is just about 9 years old (May 2013).  My daughter noticed a knot on her nipple a couple days i took her to the vet.  They told me that she would need to have lumpectomy, which is very expensive.  They also told me that I could have this procedure done, and then in a few months I may have to have it repeated--there's no guarantee that it hasn't already spread up the chain.  Are there alternatives, besides the one they explained to me (of just not treating-one they recommend)?  I'm aware that when you get a pet, its for their lifetime.  I do my best to take care of her...but this is more than I can afford,  Since it was my children's pet, I've asked for assistance, but no one is willing to help.

what can I do?  Are there places that offer good service, but lower prices...I was thinking along the line of APL.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

When unspayed dogs have mammary tumors removed, they can regrow because of the hormones secreted.  If the dog was spayed before the second heat, then it is rarely a mammary tumor and when it is removed it probably will not come back.   As far as the lumpectomy you would just have to call around to different vets and ask for prices.  These vary widely among vet clinics.   There are no organizations that I am aware of that will help with this type of surgery.  

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