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Good afternoon. I just had a question regarding my oldest cat and her throwing up almost every day. She is an 11 year old chinchilla fur long hair domestic and has been with me since she was a kitten. She is an indoor cat and is fixed. I recently moved to a new city and have noticed since the move that she has lost a ton of weight. At one point, her fur (which is normally very soft and shiny) was getting greasy and getting a lot of matts. It's as if she just didn't want to clean herself anymore. She has always been very hygienic, cleaning herself at least 25 times a day and so on. She never really ever begged for food (I have 4 cats on a feeding schedule). Since after the move, she would eat her helping and not even 5 minutes later, come screaming at me for more food and if I don't feed her within a 30 minute radius of her meowing excessively at me, she throws up right in front of me. I feed my cats a little bit more than they are required and feed them often through out the day. They always have clean water accessible and 5 clean litter boxes. She's also been going to the bathroom outside the litter box which is so weird for her. I've had her on so many different, expensive foods, hoping that would help with the problem of the weight loss. At first, I thought she had an allergy to gluten, so I bought her a gluten free food. That did nothing. Then I had her on Blue Buffalo (one of her favorites), that did nothing. Then I had her on Royal Canin, that did nothing. I've even had her on sensitive stomach food, and that did nothing. How I can describe it, it's as if there is no food in her dish 24/7, she comes in front of me and pukes. Now, I don't know if that's "to get back at me because she's mad" or what? I am willing to take her to a vet but I just wanted to get some feedback online first. Thank you.

Hi Michelle,

I think what you're seeing here is a symptom of a greater problem. While I'm not a vet, I have seen enough cats like this to know that what you're describing, the weight loss, the greasy, coat and the ravenous hunger, are all symptoms pointing to hyperthyroidism. Cats do not get hypothyroidism, like so many humans do, but they get HYPER- which is too much thyroid.
Now there are a couple of other things that can cause this but the most likely and more common one is hyperthyroidism.

Common symptoms are vomiting, constant hunger and vocalization, greasy, matted unkempt coat and weight loss.

You need to get her into your vet asap and have her tested for this. It is not uncommon sad to say. There are many different treatments for it so ask your vet to discuss which ones they offer.

There is a new gel out that you can rub on your cats ear that I hear has made things much easier for owners and has fewer side effects for the cats.

There is now a diet as well for these cats and it is very well tolerated and does a great job of maintaining a cat. Hills makes it and it is suitable for life.
Here is an article on hyperthyroidism in cats:

There are many on this site as a matter of fact. They can better educate you on the disease.

So get her into the vets asap and get her tested.

Please let me know what you find out.  

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