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My 13 year old 15 lb terrier's ear problem started last June.  She had an ear infection and a terrible yeast infection.  Apparently the vet was unable to see that the eardrum was perforated due to the yeast infection....  She was prescribed Mometamax and Triz Ultra+Keto.  
   On the 3-week checkup, the next vet said she should have never been given the Mometamax with the perforation.  He then prescribed 100 mg Simplicef and 100 mg Terbinafine.
  On the next visit the vet prescribed Triz Ultra+Keto and more Terbinafine.
  10 days later the vet's associate said no, bring back the Triz Ultra+Keto, she shouldn't have that put in her ear either because the eardrum was ruptured.  He said we can't really treat the ear & yeast infection until the eardrum is intact.  He sent me home with TrizEDTA to flush & clean the ear twice a day plus 187 mg terbinafine  
  The checkup 3 weeks ago shows the membrane "is trying to grow back."  The yeast infection is still present.  I am continuing to clean her ears with the aqueous flush and giving her 187 mg terbinafine.
  I feel like I'm in a Catch 22.  Unfortunately, I read too late the information on this site regarding the detrimental effects of using Mometamax and gentamicin on older dogs ~ not to mention the perforated drum.  Before all of this,  she had perfect hearing.  She has now lost 95% of her hearing; but like other dog lovers, I'm still hopeful.  Poor thing.... doesn't know what happened to her.
   Any ideas on what could be done to clear up the infection(s)?   I will be taking her to the vet for another checkup next week & would love to share any ideas with him.  I know he would love it as well.
   Thank you very much.  I'm almost at my rope's end.


If there is just a yeast infection, then I would not really use much in the ear.  Yeasts have nothing to live on in the middle ear, so when the eardrum heals, it should be easy to treat the infection in the external ear.  I would use high dose steroids topically in the ear and systemically to decrease the irritation and to decrease the amount of mucus produced by the lining of the middle ear.  That will allow the eardrum to heal faster.

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