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Hi. My dog is supposed to be mating on Monday. She's a two year old silky terrier. This is her second heat. Should she have puppies? I'm scared the she or her puppies may die. What should I do?
P.s. I'm keeping every puppy.

Well if you're asking me, I say no puppies. Why are you breeding her and why are you keeping all the puppies? What is the point of this? Can you afford to keep, feed and give proper medical care to 7 dogs? What if she has 6 or 7 puppies?

Let us not forget that over half the dogs brought into shelters are pure breds!!
Aren't the shelters full enough of unwanted dogs?

If you think SHE needs to be a mother you are incorrect in your thinking. Dog's only breed out of instinct and hormones.

They do not require motherhood to be better dogs. Conversely, motherhood will turn a docile dog into a mean, aggressively protective one (sometimes).

Breeding her introduces her to many risks, such as disease, too large of litters, and the possibility of an emergency Cesarian delivery. Many first time mothers have post-partum issues such as milk fever, mastitis and abscesses, etc.

If a puppy gets stuck, she could lose the whole litter. She could lose the puppy and then have to be spayed on an emergency basis. Are you prepared financially for this?

Do you have the room and the money for high quality puppy food that SHE needs to be on during her pregnancy and then for the puppies?

Do you have the funds to provide all of the vaccinations that 5-7 puppies need every 3 weeks from six weeks to 16 week of age, not to mention the heartworm prevention for all of the dogs every month all year long for 13- 15 yrs?

Not breeding her, on the other hand, exposes her to ZERO risks. After she goes out of heat you can get her spayed and not have to worry about it ever again.

So you asked me and that is MY opinion. Now you have to make this choice based on some facts from above. :-)
Well Jayla,

You asked me what you should do and I gave you some facts about breeding vs. not. You claim to not be a "back-yard breeder" which I never assumed you were, but you wrote me terrified about breeding her. You exact words were, "I'm scared the she or her puppies may die. What should I do?
P.s. I'm keeping every puppy."

So I simply gave you some facts. You ASKED me what you should do. I told you it was my opinion about whether or not she should have puppies and what could happen to a new mother dog. We have seen these things happen over and over, or I would have never told you them.

I then told you to make your decision based on the facts. I have no way of knowing if you "can afford to keep every puppy" and simply informed you of the costs involved in rearing 6-7 puppies until they died.

I am sorry if the facts upset you. I hope that whatever you decide, she does well. That's the main concern.
Good luck!

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