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My 10 year old pit bull mix had an aural hematoma on the Friday before Easter. My vet preformed surgery on the Monday after. She had sutures all around the incision. I squeezed three times a day and it healed great. We had the sutures removed this past Tuesday. 3 of them were healed in. My vet had to cut skin to remove them. Now, three days later there were pimple like bumps on the ear, one was scabbed. I squeezed the two and out of both I retrieved a 1/4" suture. On the scabbed one, which is not so bubbled, I removed the scab and squeezed and nothing cam out. My question is, if there are more sutures, will they come out like the others ? What should I clean the wound with? Will neosporin help? I don't want her to get an infection! I'm a little worried, please help

These rarely get infected, but sometimes remaining suture will cause a reaction that results in the production of pus. This is called a stitch abscess.  You can use warm water soaks to help.  If there was a dissolvable suture used, it will eventually dissolve.  If there was a non-absorbable suture used, then these pieces need to be found and removed.  Neosporin will not do any harm.

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