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Scab Again
Scab Again  
My family just adopted a stray cat that we found outdoors. We have had her for about a month now (maybe a bit longer) and have two other cats as well. The other cats are perfectly healthy (one is 10 yrs, other is 2 yrs.) Since she was wild, we are uncertain of her age but the vet estimated about 7 months. She had fleas when we got her, but those were treated and have not been seen since. She was neutered/spayed, and also treated for worms (in her stomach) I am unsure of what these worms are called but she took a pill which was supposed to make her poop them out. About two weeks ago I noted what looked like a scar on her neck. It wasn't bald, but I could feel it when petting her, otherwise I would not have noticed it. It was about an inch long, 2 cm in width. I checked up on it, and it seemed to get better. About three days ago I noticed a very large bald spot on the side of her neck where the scar used to be. It feels like a patch of very thick, very rough, pink/irritated looking skin. She itches at it some, not constantly, but more than a cat would usually itch one spot. My other two cats have no history of illness (they've had fleas once, that's it.) So I am confident it isn't from them. They don't have any signs of this skin thing like her. Could it be mites? Or food allergy? Or could she be allergic to the bowl? We do feed them out of plastic bowls, and feed them dry cat kibble food. I am thinking about changing the bowls to metal or glass instead of plastic. I will attach some pictures, they don't look very good since she gets fidgety if you get anywhere near her scabbed area. The scabbed area is actually twice the size of how it appears in the pictures.

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Your pictures are very blurry, so they were of no help.  From your description, it could be a self trauma injury from scratching at the fleas.  It could also be a ringworm lesion.  Ask your vet for a shot of DepoMedrol to stop any itching to see if it will heal.

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