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My cat is 2 years old and is always licking herself. she will lick and scratch at  her skin until she bleeds or pulls her fur out it is always something that has concerned me. She has always done this since she was old enough to clean her self. It also seems she is allergic to alot of things. one vet said it was just dry skin and gave us a shampoo to use which made it worse. Another vet said she could just have itchy skin. She is starting to act different usually she hyper and doesn't cuddle thepast 4 days that all she wants to really do and clean herself. with the licking becoming worse and her acting different is this something that should be a concern or am i just being perinoid.

On a side note her stomach has been hard for two weeks which the vet said was due to worm which i have treated for and seem to be gone but her stomach is still hard. is there  any suggestions you could make or point me in the right direction to take this situation.  Sorry i am pushing alot your way im just worried about her. if there is anything you can tell me in regard to her symptoms i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Cats that lick themselves are usually itchy.  You can try giving the cat an antihistamine, like chorpheniramine, but she probably needs a shot of a steroid called DepoMedrol  Ask your vet about that.

As far as the hard spot in the abdomen,   it could be stool in the colon that you are feeling.  If it is very hard and it does not change when the cat has a bowel movement, then the vet may want to take an X-ray.

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