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1.How long have you had this job
2.what motivated you to join that industry
3.what was your education background
4.what collage did you go to
5.what was your major in collage
6.what degrees did you earn
7.what is your favorite part of the job
8.what are your favorite career goals
9.which goals have you achieved
10.what is you least favorite part of the job
11.what is your typical day at work
12.what is your definition of success
13.what advice would you give a middle school student old where you when you decided on a career
15.what are your plan A,B AND C

Why are you asking these questions? Please email me at as then I can help you if you are considering becoming a veterinarian.
If this is for a high school assignment, I strongly suggest you research each question separably. I am a holistic veterinarian, so will have different answers than a conventionally trained one.
1. 33 years
2. Love detective stories, so love to help people find ways to build true health.
3. Graduation from veterinary college (after HS grad, then 3 years in undergrad, then 1 year in pharmacy school.
4. U Georgia
5. veterinary medicine
6. DVM
7. teaching and having people and animals see health in a new paradigm - one that has no right or wrong; one that empowers them to make healthy choices; one that actually is sustainable and does not hurt the planet. I have seen a huge improvement in health when people follow basic holistic principles - only vaccinate for Rabies after the puppy or kitten shots, feed a raw meat diet, use holistic treatments from the beginning. I know a cat who lived to 35 and a border collie still alive at 24. If you do go to veterinary school, learn the holistic approaches before and after. Most challenging is when I cannot heal animals or people come to me after trying conventional medicine first, so their animals are quite ill.
8. Teach people. heal animals. travel. speak on radio and tv. write.
9. all of them
10. Billing people.
11.  Mine is very different as I started holistic consulting in the 80s and do not have a clinic. My clients call me anytime their animals are ill and we decide if they need to see a local veterinarian for diagnosis. Usually they do not. I then consult many homeopathic books to determine the best remedy. I will get calls to follow up on the response of the animals to the treatment prescribed. I coach people on feeding a fresh food diet and not giving any vaccines except the legally required Rabies. I work on my web site to empower people to learn for themselves. My benefits are working at home. Clients are very grateful to me. I am the owner of a homeopathic and holistic veterinary practice that includes speaking at veterinary conferences around the world, health food stores, breed clubs, dog and cat clubs, and many other groups. I also teach teleseminars and 2-7 day classes on holistic health for animals and homeopathy for animals. I teach veterinary technicians. I did not even know about homeopathy, so I did not expect this.
12. Happy and joyful at work and knowing I make a difference in the lives of animals and people.
13. Read books that help you examine what you like and what style worker you are. Myers Briggs tests and others will help with this. Think about what makes you happy - being with people animals, books, etc. Then list the jobs that fit you. Then work in those jobs. To get into veterinary school you MUST work at many clinics, so that is good for any career. Read books about the veterinary profession - there are lots now. Seek out books and veterinarians who are using holistic approaches. volunteer at shelters, clinics, with horse vets, large animal vets, zoo vets, lab vets - immerse yourself in the profession.
14. 11 years old. I worked in the summer at the Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic for $.25/hour - yes a quarter an hour. I worked a lot - do not remember how much. I learned to do fecal exams to look for parasite eggs. I was allowed to help with surgery and even do some stitching. I read veterinary text books. I learned how to empty anal glands. I learned how to listen to the heart. I decided to become a veterinarian when I grew up.  

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Dr. Christina Chambreau


I can give you the holistic approach to any problem, mostly for dogs and cats and some farm animals and horses. Depending on the condition and the type of animal, I will be able to give very specific treatment suggestions such as what flower essences, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, diet changes, lifestyle changes or herbs that may be helpful - not drugs. I can also suggest where you can go for further education or to find a specialist in a specific holistic field. I can help you understand why your animal is ill and what improvements can be expected. I do not check messages more than every one to two days, so PLEASE DO NOT ask about EMERGENCIES - call your local veterinarian. I cannot diagnose your animal. I cannot prescribe specific treatments. I am no longer very current with conventional treatments, so cannot answer questions on those. I am not an expert on birds or small critters. I am not an expert in breeding, birthing or babies.


I graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 and began using homeopathy in my practice after a client introduced me to it. By 1988 I was using exclusively holistic treatments. I began lecturing in 1987 and have spoken at veterinary conferences, health food stores, people's homes, churches, veterinary college conferences - anywhere people want to learn more about keeping their animals healthy.

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (I helped found this one) American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association National Center for Homeopathy American Veterinary Medical Association

I have written in many magazines, journals and newspapers. A few include Bark Magazine; Journal of the AHVMA; Baltimore Dog Magazine; Whole Dog Journal; Tiger Tribe; Wolf Clan. I have also been frequently interviewed on radio and TV. I am Associate Editor for the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal, so often have articles there.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Certified Veterinary Homeopath (CVH)

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