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My large breed dog was out of control and would not stop for anything and kept chasing a horse. She cornered him and he kicked out at her hitting her upper foreleg. She was yelping so I went up to her and saw if she was alright, she seemed okay just sore. After a while I noticed her acting weird - trying to leave where I was to go a little while away undercover away from rain. My dog has separation anxiety so for her to go that far away without being able to see or hear me is very strange.

At the time I don't think I was as caring as I should have been. It has been a few hours now and she is still limping and can barely use that leg, she can move it but it hurts her then she yelps. I felt her leg and bent her joint slowly and they didn't seem too bad but if you go further up there is a small section that is very tender, if i move her whole leg back and forth it hurts too. She's breathing deeply, sleeping a lot and looks so unhappy and I feel terrible.

My mother refuses to even call the vet - do you think that I should call the emergency vet or see how it is tomorrow? Thankyou!

You can wait to see the regular veterinarian. It does sound broken to me. If she can put weight on it then it is probably not broken.

If you have homeopathic Arnica 30c (or other strengths) you can give that for the pain. Often an animal needed Arnica will move away from touch because they are so painful.

Rescue Remedy, a combination flower essence, can also help relieve pain, if you can purchase it.

You can ask for Reiki, even from another country (see below) or web search for one in your part of Australia. Aborigine ways of healing are very effective as well, if you have any true aborigine friends.

From the book, Healthy Animal's Journal - "Reiki: Personally, I think every person who lives with or works with animals must know at least Level I Reiki. The practitioner places her hands upon the animal (or it can be done from a distance, even around the world) with the intent for healing to occur. The energy flows through the healer into the animal. This is based on directly applying Chi (energy) to rebalance the energy field so it no longer needs to produce the physical symptoms. It is a very good adjunct to any healing modality, especially to relieve pain and inflammation. I have seen cats who begin to eat again when their food has Reiki done on the food. It also "takes the bad out of" things. By doing Reiki on smelly water in restaurants I have been able to drink sweet tasting and smelling water. Use Reiki anytime that you must give injections, vaccines, drugs, flea or heartworm drugs, or other substances with potential toxicity. Do you work in a grooming salon, or kennel, or veterinary clinic, or barn or anywhere animals are being seen? Use your Reiki on any treatments to be given and to calm the animals. People have reported getting animals to eat by doing Reiki on their food.   If you cannot find a Reiki Class near you (same class for people and animals as it connects you through an "attunement" to the healing energy of the universe, making you a channel of healing), three groups offer long distance, free, attunements.
3. offers free Reiki attunements, classes and training on-line    and animal classes, too
Long distance healing and training is at  
A client of mine is using Christine, Her name is Christine at, To receive free distance Reiki send her your first name only, city and state, and whether or not you have had any Reiki training.  She invites you to include your pets as well.  She uses a teddy bear and does a full body Reiki distance treatment for one hour each Sunday evening from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. EST.

Also, check out these holistic veterinary sites -
        western Australia-  

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