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I have a 7 year old female dog, lab mix, nobody seems to know what the "other half" is,
but she weighs 62 pounds, and has a pretty thick coat.   She has been shedding now for months,
which is being addressed, but I am curious:  she has very few if any "bald spots" even
after a lot of hair loss/shedding.   She seems fine in most other ways,  eats, sleeps ok, poops, runs, plays,etc.
Is it possible her (new) fur/hair is growing back in  -faster-, or at
the same rate, as it is falling out!?  She looks about the same as she did several months ago!
I read somewhere a lot of humans (hair) does this!!

Dogs shed at different rates depending on their breed and the weather.  Thick coated breeds shed little when it is cold outside and the shed lots of hair (the undercoat) pretty evenly when it gets warm.  Dogs like Labs shed pretty much all year long no matter what the weather is and when it gets really hot outside, they will shed more.

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