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I recently accidently left my female pug with my male german sheaperd and male daschund . My pug has her peroids for the past 11 days so i know that she is fertile . I firstly want to ask that can the two males mate with a pug as my pug was hyperventilating and her fur on the back was wet . What signs can i see that matting has occured . Secondly her periods are still going on , could this throw some light on the matter

Dogs can have many mates during their heat cycle and pups from the same litter can have different fathers.  Dogs can stay in heat and bleed for up to 14 days.  If she is still bleeding, then she may not have mated.  The male dogs may smell her and get very excited, but she probably will not stand and let them mate with her yet.  When the bleeding stops, that's when a bitch is usually fertile and ovulating. That is called a standing heat because she will stand and let the male penetrate her.

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