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Good Morning....I have an approx. 12-14 year old border Collie that was left behind about 7-8 years ago with me. hence why I do no know his exact age. He has huge tumors all over his body especially in his chest area and his breathing is labored. I am no sure what to do since I cannot afford long term medical care for him. I do no want him to suffer. He is very very large      (FAT) and does nothing but sleep and eat.  He definitely no longer is a very active dog. I am so torn and would love some advice.
Thank you

Without a proper veterinary exam it is impossible for me to tell you what to do.  If these tumor masses are just fatty tumors, then you may not have to do anything.  But if they are some other type of tumor, then you should have a discussion with your vet about what to do.

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