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My dog, Bean, is a pure bread Shih Tzu. She is normally very calm, but the all day she's been jumpy and nervous. She'll stay in one spot but once somebody walks by her she flinches or sits up immediately. So, she was sitting on a kitchen chair while I was getting her food. I accidentally slammed the container of food onto the counter top, which was a few feet away. She flinched, which caused her to fall from the chair. I don't know specifically what she hit but her nose was bleeding. I dabbed it with a wet wash clothe to clean up the blood a bit and it worked. She was even more nervous after that, which is understandable. Now, 2 hours later, her nose is bleeding a little bit. I'm very worried about my dog, can you give me some advice?

With nosebleeds, it is usually helpful to put something in the nose, like AFRIN spray to constrict the blood vessels.  The nose does bleed a lot because it is very vascular.  If that does not stop the bleeding your vet may need to either pack the nose or cauterize the bleeder.

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