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Hi. I have a 2 year old male polydactyl cat. We have had him since he was born. He eats more than any cat I know!!! And just two days ago he came up missing. We finally found him outside and he wouldn't move. We rubbed him down to see if we felt broken bones or anything out of place and he felt normal other than crusty stuff that appears to have came from his ear. I could not see blood though. We brung him in the house to feed him and he wouldn't eat. Finally he took a few drinks of water. He is able to walk around on his own but don't unless we mess with him. His balance ofcource is messed up too. We really love this cat and don't want to see him in this shape. We have called vets and they keep saying they cannot give information over the phone. We have money for an office visit but not for all the blood test and x-rays. Do you have any advice at all? I really thank you for any help you can give me!

also, none of our other cats or dogs are sick. and when i touch him he doesn't squirm or act like he is in pain. he just active like he normally is and won't eat.

It sounds like some type of middle or inner ear problem.  He may have ruptured an eardrum in his travels and that's what is causing the discharge and the wobbliness.  Let a vet check him out and give you some type of estimate of what it will take to treat him.

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