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I recently asked you a question about a dog I found on my farm and who wouldn't go to the bathroom. I still have her with me and she goes to the bathroom fine now, but last night and this morning I noticed she was eating grass on her walk. A few minutes ago, she vomited twice, once in the living room, and once in my bedroom. I tried to check her out to make sure she was okay, but she ran to hide under the bed after she threw up (I'm positive she used to be abused because she's very distrustful). What could possibly be the cause of the vomiting, and what, if anything, can I do to help her? Thanks!

I am sure I sent you all the information last time about beginning to work with an integrative healer. This would be perfect thing to ask your healer, as they would have all the info and could see this vomiting in context of other issues.

1. Be sure a smart meter was not installed by the electric company.
2. Be sure no pesticides are around, nor other toxins.
3. Emotional upsets can cause nervous stomachs - then they eat grass so they can vomit. If she is distrustful, be working on that with flower essences (my site - icon for spiritessences; or try green hope essences, anaflora, delta, bach), TTouch, HTA, Reiki, etc.
4. See the vomiting not as an isolated problem, but as a clue of an underlying vibrational imbalance (see the Early Warning signs from prior answer) that needs balancing.

Possible treatments:

1. Reiki
2. You can try Phytomucil from animal Essentials (order at or make your own from marshmallow root from the health food store - 1 teaspoon of the ground root in 1 C of boiling water. Stir till cooled. It should feel slippery - if not add more. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with something your animal likes to eat - 3-4 times a day. Try not to buy slipery elm except from Animals' Apawthecary as it is made by cutting down elm trees.
3. Mitomax is a super probiotic. I have had many animals' digestive problems clear up while using this, thought sometimes they need to stay on it. Unlike other probiotics, it is very stable and is ok at the low stomach pH. (Order at - click on Pets max city)
4.Happy Tummy ( - Spirit Essences) for any digestive upset.  Flower essences are totally safe and can be used as long and as frequently as they seem to help. Remember that using a journal will help you figure out what is helping the most.
5. Most importantly, change to a raw meaty bone diet, no vaccines (except legally mandated Rabies), eliminate toxins (flea chemicals, etc), and work on deep healing.

Calgary homeopathy course will be happening in Sept or oct.  

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